About Us

Organizing Queens Residents to fight for and win justice in their communities

Our mission is to organize Queens residents to build the power needed to fight for and win justice for themselves and the communities they live in.

Our organization is comprised of faith communities, non-profit organizations, schools and unions. The reason we organize is that we have a burning passion for justice and a moral calling to create the power to demand the resources required so that all residents of Queens can live with dignity and have equal access to opportunity.

We organize with the knowledge that power is too often concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy and powerful people, causing tremendous injustice, and with the knowledge that there are countless examples in recent history when leaders with faith, talent and determination came together to harness the power of the many to right injustices.

We will work on a variety of issues – big and small – including affordable housing, the lack of transportation options, poorly performing public schools and “quality of life” issues, such as dirty train stations, unsafe intersections and overgrown trees.

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